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Animals are treated with the McTimoney method.  This is a very gentle non-invasive technique that works to realign and balance the animals musculoskeletal system thus improving or restoring health, movement, soundness and performance.


Horses are always treated at their yard or stable as this avoids travelling post treatment and is also more settling for them.  

At the initial consultation a number of questions will be asked regarding their problem and any previous complaints or illnesses.  I will then ask you to walk and trot the horse in hand and then turn the horse on tight circles.  Lunging may be required and if necessary a tack check.

I will then assess the horses’ spine and pelvis and check for tight musculature.  McTimoney treatment will be carried out after I have informed you of my findings.  Very rarely do animals require more than 1-2 treatments to obtain relief, however should a follow up treatment be required this will normally be within 7-10 days.  Regular check-ups can also be carried out during the competition season.

If you feel that your animal is displaying any of the following signs treatment should be considered:

Horses and other large animals

Uneven, irregular action

Sore or cold backs

Uneven wear of shoes or hooves

Unexplained deterioration in performance

Asymmetry, such as stiffness on one rein or disunited canter

Rearing, bucking or refusing

Uneven muscle development

changes in behaviour or temperament